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Re: Coelophysis *feathers*???

> Well, last I heard we only have preserved skin from the base of a tail and
> under the throat for Tyrannosaurids.

The tyrannosaurian identity of the tail patch has been questioned onlist a
month or so ago.

> >_Sinosauropteryx_ is early K, right
> >(this is a guess, I don't remember exactly)?
> Yeah, 120 mya (approx.)


> Are you suggesting that C. longipes is derived from bird stock?

No one except BCF believers has so far (and those do because they use a
different definition of "bird").

> As someone
> else on the list said, the animal's position in time does not matter, only
> its phylogenetic position is what counts. I have my doubts about Protoavis
> (e.g. its coelophysoid nature), so I don't know whether it's a bird or not
> (most likely NOT).

Just you wait. I have finished reading the article, and probably tomorrow
I'll write some interesting things to the list...
Some parts at least are damn birdlike. Really.