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Re: Coelophysis *feathers*???

Just so people know, note that the following comments are mine. I don't want someone to get mad at Waylon for what I said.
I said:
No, no. Some people think that all dinosaurs are decended from birds, and I feel this is wrong. I feel that some "theropods" were probably descended from "birds" (e.g. oviraptosaurs), but most were probably not. I just feel that "feathers" might be basal, and birds adapted these "feathers" into true feathers.<
Not to put too much feeling into this, but I think this person is
entirely wrong. How can time not count? You can't be older than your ancestors? People say that birds descended from dromeosaurs...but there are 0 dromeosaurs known from before the late Jurassic! Time is very important.<

I am waiting for this paper to come through on interlibrary loan. Then I
will be able to make a more informed descision.<

And I fully belive that there were no feathers in ornithopods, sauropods
and >fully grown< _C. sasteri_ and _C. nasicornis_ specimens.<

I am hoping that soon we will find an early Jurassic/late Triassic deposit much like the ones now being explored in China. This will answer many questions (hopefully!) about bird evolution.<
Sorry if I upset anyone with my comments, I was not aware that this had gone to the list.

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"A _Coelophysis_ with feathers?"

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