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Re: Coelophysis *feathers*???

You might want to read DINOSAUR WARS. In my science fiction novel, T. >rex has a feather mane, megaraptors are fully feathered like eagles, >and Gar the Kra, an intelligent bird/dino is, well, read the book. >Fiction's nice. No need for parsimony arguments, just imagination.

Last I heard, Sinornithosaurus millenii (and Microraptor) have feathers which aren't fully-developed as in birds, but they seem to have rachis (smaller structures like barbs and barbules remain to be seen).

I don't think this is an expression of parsimony, which ought more
properly to be based on evidence, rather than lack of evidence. To me, >fuzz on pterosaurs and theropods has serious implications for all >dinosaurs. You have to claim they are just convergent structures, or >look out! --everybody gets fuzzy.

Mammals have hair, so according to your argument, look out! --all the amniotes get fuzzy :)

Hair is a complex structure, and bears great resemblance to feathers at >the follicle end of things. Sure, such structures could have evolved
convergently, but parsimony works against, not for, this argument.
Convergence itself, while real in some cases, is not particularly

The fact that this exact same type of convergence HAS happened before and that all known non-ornithodiran groups of archosaurs have scutes or scales suggests that basal Dinosauria had croc-like dermal armor. I've even heard that dermal armor was found in Herrerasaurus. Might want to check it out and confirm that. Not to mention we don't have the slightest clue if pterosaur "hair" even has follicles- they could be super-lengthened scales.

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