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Coelophysis *feathers*???

The tyrannosaurian identity of the tail patch has been questioned >onlist a month or so ago.

I quote from The Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs, page 768 "Impressions of skin around a badly weathered skull of T. bataar in Mongolia showed the presence of a wattle or bag of skin under the jaws (Mikhailov, personal communication)." Any news on whether it preserved scaly hide?

Just you wait. I have finished reading the article, and probably >tomorrow I'll write some interesting things to the list...
Some parts at least are damn birdlike. Really.

I can't wait to hear it! Another list member contacted me and said that "Hahaha" was sent from his comp. Maybe you guys never saw it. BTW, is that 7 messages per day thing strictly enforced on the list? Maybe we should take the convo off....or try to compress our messages?
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