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Re: Coelophysis *feathers*???

<< Mammals have hair, so according to your argument, look out! --all the 
amniotes get fuzzy :) >>
   Har! You said it, not me!
   'Cept lizards, I suppose.

<<The fact that this exact same type of convergence HAS happened before and 
that all known non-ornithodiran groups of archosaurs have scutes or scales 
suggests that basal Dinosauria had a croc-like dermal armor.>>

Heck, why not? And fuzz too. Last time I checked with an armadillo, bony 
scutes and fuzz could coexist. Birds have feathers and scales (in fact, some 
birds have scales with feathers growing out of the ends). Somewhere on the 
list recently, I read a suggestion that the dermal nodules so common on 
dinosaur skin impressions might be a variety of  short fat feather. I 
wouldn't be surprised.

Thomas P. Hopp
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