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Re: Dromies, birds - and Protoavis question

> As for pre-Late Jurassic dromaeosaurids.  This was discussed fairly
> recently, and there are indeed a lot of dromaeosaurid-like teeth from
> pre-Tithonian strata.  I think these need to be attached to skeletal
> elements to be more certain of their affinities.  To me, the _Ozraptor_
> tibia (Middle Jurassic, Australia)


> looks somewhat dromaeosaurid, and
> _Nuthetes_ (Middle Jurassic, England)

I used to think it was end-LJ or begin-EK?

> is about to be re-described as a
> dromie (thanks for the info Darren):
> (http://www.cmnh.org/fun/dinosaur-archive/1999Dec/msg00056.html).

> The subject of _Protoavis_ has come up.  I've just been reading some of
> Ostrom's comments on this critter.  Ouch!  He doesn't hold back.

Details? :-9

> Anyway,
> has there been any published illustrations of the *original* _Protoavis_
> material.  In other words, are there pictures ANYWHERE of what the bones
> looked like when they came out of the ground, rather than just
> interpretations of what they are.

Yes!!! All bones are photographed in the inaccessible article I have read
now! I will soon begin to discuss it here, and I'll send scans of the photos
to everyone who wants (caution: bad quality). The drawings look quite a lot
like the photos, so Chatterjee's interpretations can't be so
catastrophically wrong, I'd say.