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Re: Dromies, birds - and Protoavis question

David Marjanovic wrote-

> > As for pre-Late Jurassic dromaeosaurids.  This was discussed fairly
> > recently, and there are indeed a lot of dromaeosaurid-like teeth from
> > pre-Tithonian strata.  I think these need to be attached to skeletal
> > elements to be more certain of their affinities.  To me, the _Ozraptor_
> > tibia (Middle Jurassic, Australia)
> Early.

No, Middle Jurassic.  Bajocian to be precise.

> > looks somewhat dromaeosaurid, and
> > _Nuthetes_ (Middle Jurassic, England)
> I used to think it was end-LJ or begin-EK?

And you were correct to do so.  The Purbeck Beds are late Tithonian (Late

Mickey Mortimer