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RE: Cladistics algorithm?

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> Thanks for this... and...
> Marilyn Wegweiser wrote:
> > >Can anyone supply the algorithm (or algorithms) that are used for
> > >cladistic analysis?
> >
> > Use the program PAUP, or MacClade - I'm not sure of what others that
> > people use.
> What, exactly, goes on inside that software?
> What numbers does it crunch and... how?

For that you will have to check out the manuals for the software and/or
contact the authors of the various software packages (Swofford for PAUP*,
Maddison & Maddison for MacClade, etc.).  I believe that some of the new
algorithms for PAUP* (which actually has several different search algorithm
options) were published in 1999 or so in Systematic Biology.

However, the topic you are discussing is one of computer science and/or
computational phylogenetics, and not dinosaur science per se.  You should
seek out the various systematic discussion groups or computational science
groups for those details.

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