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Re: Miscellaneous Dino News

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jrccea@bellsouth.net writes:

<< I'm not a member of Patricia's design team, but I have been trying to
 answer her questions about pterosaur flight as it might apply to
 ornithopter construction (as best I can).  I'm impressed with what I've
 seen of her work and skills. I don't think Nightingale (Patricia's
 full-sized machine) is likely to be in the air within the year, but she
 may achieve liftoff in Big Bill (another ornithopter, designed by Jim
 DeLaurier) this season.  I wish her every success in both endeavors. >>

  Patricia Jones-Bowman's website is under construction, but you can see a 
photo of one of those new-fangled contraptions there at: 
  Should be interesting keeping an eye on this. DV.