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RE: When Dinosaurs Roamed America preview

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> Dinosaur lovers, if you have a Discovery Channel Store in your
> neighborhood, and you just can't wait to see some of "When Dinosaurs
> Roamed America," I invite you to loiter at your local Discovery store.
> I caught several minutes of the apparently lengthy promo on a video
> monitor at the store near me.  There are two things I especially like:
> fuzzy dromaeosaurs and therizinosaurs for the first time ever in a
> documentary, and the camera moving in to give an x-ray view of pertinent
> skeletal details.

The "inside looks" have the potential to be one of the more interesting and
new features of this show.  However, be warned: I (and the others who
provided slides for these x-ray views) didn't always have slides of the
particular taxon in question, so be ready for some dinosaurs  having the
skeletons of close relatives... :-).

> The dinosaurs look hairy rather than feathery, but
> it's still a big improvement in my opinion.

Production note: when I saw the fuzzy feathers, I suggested to the animators
(at their studio in Montreal) that the dromaeosaur and therizinosaur should
have broader arm and tail feathers.  They said that they had already been
informed about it, but the technology is not quite there to pull that off.
Maybe in a year or two.

> (Snippets from the show
> were also on the big screen in the form of a trailer at my local theater
> prior to a screening of "Evolution," the Ivan Reitman comedy).  Can
> feathery oviraptorosauroids be far behind?

> No, they're not paying me to write this.

Or me, either...

Big "dinosaurs in the media" week coming up...

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