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Jurassic Park 3 Thoughts

Bah!  How could they make such a horrible sequel?  I even liked Lost World, though not as much as the original.  I'm aghast at the low quality of the film, but let's be more specific.  I haven't read Tom's or others' reviews yet as I want this post to be unaffected by others' opinions, so I may bring up similar points.
- Too much action, not enough plot development.  I mean the first two at least had some sort of plot, rather well developed in the first.  This was dinosaur mauling after dinosaur mauling after dinosaur mauling.  None of the wonder of the first.....
- No climax.  By far the worst decision and ruins the movie the most.  They give back the eggs and....... nothing?  Go back to the US?  What?  No big chase scene or dinosaur battle?  Ughh.
- All the carnivores were insanely aggressive, attacking anyone despite the fact the people were trying to flee.  It's fine for Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus and Velociraptor in most occassions, but not when they have to work so hard to get to the people.  Or anything involving the Pteranodon's aggressiveness.
- They were far too intelligent.  It would take some miraculously complicated brain to be that small and still set non-ingrained traps as they did.  No animal would wound its prey then hide in wait for the preys' friends to come along.  Animals are content with what they kill and no prey besides humans would bother coming back for an injured and possibly dead comrade.  So it would be pointless for Velociraptors to do this in any case.
- Why would a resonating chamber indicate the presence of language?  Lambeosaurines have what could be resonating chambers and they have never been suggested to have had language, and for good cause.  Vocalizing long distances doesn't equate with possessing language.
- Was it just me, or did that resonating chamber look awfully like an endocranial mold?
- No animal besides humans would care about getting its eggs back once they've been stolen.  Many care a lot about protecting the eggs in the nest, but past that they seem to figure the eggs are a lost cause.  Velociraptors would probably be the same.
- It's amazing that Velociraptor language is completely encoded in their genes, as they had no other Velociraptors to teach them, nor enough time to create a language I would think.
- I think that in the hatchery scene, we would see a dead hatchling Velociraptor corpse in the hatching tanks, as such a young individual couldn't break that thick of glass and would probably eat the other hatchlings before dehydrating.  Instead, there are only broken hatching tanks.  Maybe the ultra-intelligent adults broke them out :-)
- Look!  A complete artriculated Deinonychus skeleton with Ostrom's (1969) incorrect pubic orientation!  How unexpected ;-)
- Probably had whithers, not a sail, but eh......
- I for one think that spinosaurids' snouts were stronger than people usually give them credit for, but there's no way it was strong enough to break Tyrannosaurus' neck with.  It would have snapped and Tyrannosaurus would have won.
- The scene where it approached submerged was ridiculous.
- Why does Grant recommend running when Spinosaurus sees them, but standing still when Tyrannosaurus does?  In this ludicrous world where Tyrannosaurus can only detect movement, why doesn't he assume the same for Spinosaurus?
- I think the plane colliding with the Spinosaurus would be enough to disable it, so that had better have been another Spinosaurus in later scenes.
- Hear a phone ringing through a Spinosaurus' body?  Improbable.
- That's all I can think this atrocity could be (approached the Spinosaurus dung and left).  No lacrimal horns?  Broad skull?  Conical nasal horn?  The one in WDRA was far superior.
- Were those teeth?
- No fur?  Come on, that's been known since the seventies at least.
- I seriously doubt a Pteranodon could lift a child.
- Scene carrying defenseless character to young in nest...... so stereotypic.  Why didn't it kill the kid first?  Don't predatory birds usually kill their prey before taking it to nestlings (who are much smaller than the kid mind you....)?
- Why was everybody afraid of the Pteranodons so much?  Not big seagulls that are ungainly on land, have lightweight bodies and pretty much no way to injure you (perhaps stabbing with their beak?).  Of course, these WERE insanely aggressive toothed Pteranodon with amazingly strong wings.....
- (paraphrased)
Alan Grant- "So Billy, what would you say that was?" (referring to Spinosaurus)
Billy- "Suchomimus?"
Grant- "Think larger."
Billy- "Baryonyx?"
Grant- "No, look at the sail, it's Spinosaurus aegyptiacus etc."
Ughh.  Someone who knows enough to tell it's a spinosaurid and knows both Suchomimus and Baryonyx will know Spinosaurus and guess it correctly as the sail is so obvious.
- Why were they so hurried when their boat crashed and they were in the paraglider?  The paraglider wouldn't be affected by the crashed boat unless it sank, so they had plenty of time to undo their line.
- The kid was awfully self sufficient and ingenious, especially considering he was so scared when the boat crashed.
- Having the kid at home take the phone to Elly while the others battle for their life is no way to increase interest or suspense in an action scene.
Well, that's all I can think of currently.  I thought the Spinosaurus looked more artificial than the others.  Tyrannosaurus needed more airtime.  Showing Compsognathus was pointless.  I'm annoyed by Grant's use of the term raptor even when talking to himself.  Etc.
However, there were some things I enjoyed about the movie.
- The dinosaurs looked cool yet again.
- The Ankylosaurus and Lambeosaurus magnicristatus were especially well done.
- The Velociraptors had feathers and looked far better, with a better color scheme.
- The Spinosaurus-Tyrannosaurus battle was cool, although it would have been better at the end and with the Tyrannosaurus winning.
- The Spinosaurus fishing for them with its snout and hands was a nice touch.
- Grant and Billy are pretty good characters.
- The first Velociraptor scene in with the cages was pretty good.
- Can't complain about the classic Jurassic Park theme.
Overall, 1.5 stars out of 4.
Mickey Mortimer