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Re: K-T crocodylians

>Ken Kinman (kinman@hotmail.com) wrote:
><I will certainly concede that the Notosuchians may have croaked
>well before K-T (but who knows, absence of evidence is not...).
>  But both Peirosauridae and Paralligatoridae apparently made it
>to the Maastrichtian (see Mike Benton's site, which is
>presumably based on Fossil Record 2).  So I would add those to
>Goniopholididae as three whole families that may have croaked at

Regardless of Benton's site, all peirosaurids and paralligatorids that I
know about are pre-Maastrichtian.

A couple of other points - the "whole family" Goniopholididae is known in
the Cretaceous by scattered remains in the southeastern US that very likely
represent one species.  Paralligatoridae is likewise restricted to one or
two species of Shamosuchus throughout its history - it was way oversplit in
the older literature.  So you're talking about at most two species, not two
"whole families."

And I really doubt the reports of Maastrichtian peirosaurids.


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