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Re:destruction of fossils

Ekaterina Amalitzkaya wrote:
<<some concerted action should
be taken by paleotologists and countries to prevent destruction of the
fossils in wars that will be fought in the future. Given that at when these
wars are foughts the current alliances and boundaries of the countries may
be different, the fossils should get some redcross like status. On the
occassion of war they should be shifted to a neutral territory and such
transportation vehicles should not be attacked at any cost. >>
this leaves me a "bit " perplexed, honestly...
red-crossed veichles for fossils..mh..good idea, why not?! ....:-\
I think this is one of the things that make non-scientist people feel like they're dealing with people  detached( at different degrees, sure) from reality.
Filippo Calzolari
n.b.:  This is in no way meant to be an attack to ekaterina or anybody else sharing her opinion on this.