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_Paralititan stromeri_ gen. et sp. nov. 1

OK.  Sorry that this took so long.  It has been pretty nuts here the
last few days.

    I will put up some info and links and such in a little bit, but I
wanted to make a couple of comments first.

    There is a already decent amount of misinformation being spread
around regarding this find and the project in general.  Please be
advised that if the information didn't come directly from me, Matt
Lamanna, Ken Lacovara, or Peter Dodson, it is unofficial and not
necessarily accurate.

    Also, I am already starting to see postings like "the authors didn't
satisfactorily explain such and such."  Please remember, before everyone
starts criticizing how little description we had, that this is
_Science_.  We had 2500 words to work with, including the references and
notes.  Lots of stuff got cut out from the paper, either by us, the
reviewers, or the editors, that we wanted in there.  We did a bare bones
description, just like every other article I have ever seen in this
journal.  We didn't describe all we have found and a longer description
is currently in prep.


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