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RE: Coelurus a maniraptoran (for how long?)

> From: Ken Kinman [mailto:kinman@hotmail.com]
> Why has
> Neocoelurosauria fallen out of usage when it seems to have a far
> more stable
> content than Maniraptora or Maniraptoriformes?  Has Neocoelurosauria been
> cladistically defined?

This is what happens when you treat the web as it were really literature...
Neocoelurosauria is not part of the scientific nomenclature, and is simply
proposed on a website.

> If I sound a little aggravated, I
> am---but just wait
> until BANDits start in on PhyloCode when it is implemented.  That's when
> things are really going to hit the fan, and my complaints will
> seem bland in
> comparison.

Except, of course, that it's all gone on before and was over with in the

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> >Jan. 8, 2001, Tom Holtz wrote:
> >    In my Gaia paper compsognathids do fall out as basal
> maniraptorans; in
> >a modified version of the same matrix in the forthcoming Ostrom
> symposium
> >volume, they fall out equally parsimoniously as basal
> arctometatarsalians
> >or basal maniraptorans; in the SVP 2K matrix, they fall out
> again as basal
> >coelurosaurs (indeed, one of the basalmost clades, with forms such as
> >_Ornitholestes_ and _Coelurus_ further up the tree).
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