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Re: Dave Peters Pterosaur Homepage


> Were is it???? Links from my website: http://www.capital.net/~larryf/
> don`t work. All links I tried from varios other sites don`t connect as
> well. PS,...lost his email adress in a computer crash. (I know his
> adress is listed at his website,but,.....). Halp!

I just tried the URL from my bookmarks:  http://www.pterosaurs.net/  
worked fine one minute ago here from Germany.
The URL on your website, http://home.stlnet.com/~azero/Cosesaurus.html,
doesn't work here, too ("server not found").

Best regards, Juergen Peters

   Juergen Peters, FidoNet 2:2432/344
      Borgholzhausen, Germany