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_Paralititan stromeri_ gen. et sp. nov. 2

Hey, thanks to Mike and Andrea and all for your kinds words about seeing
my ugly mug on the tube.  You would think we had cured cancer the way
the media is reacting to this...

If anyone wants data concerning this find, we are putting stuff up on
www.egyptdinos.org.  This is to supplement the official Baharîya
Dinosaur Project site
(www.sas.upenn.edu/earth/vertebratepaleo/egypt/bahariyahome) which is
down for right now as I am trying to get the Penn vertebrate paleo site
up for Jerry Harris to take over in August when I leave Penn.  I will
remain the director of the project after it leaves Penn and can continue
to supply info while all of this web transition crap goes on. There are
a couple of mistakes in the egyptdinos site, but we will get those fixed
ASAP.  More later...


Josh Smith
Department of Earth and Environmental Science
University of Pennsylvania
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