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Re: Paralititan pronunciation

"João S. Lopes Filho" wrote:

> Yes, Pah-rah-lee-tee-tan, or even Pah-rah-lee-tee-tun
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>      From: calzola
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>      Sent: Saturday, June 02, 2001 8:47 PM
>      Subject: Paralititan pronunciation
>       Hi all,I've just visited  www.egyptdinos.org  (cool!)and I
>      have something to ask about the pronunciation of the
>      name(it's spelled Pa-ral-i-ti-tan); I have surely no
>      problems about it(I mean i don't need the spelling unless it
>      is a non-latin/greek derived name) being me Italian, but the
>      way it's spelled made me think that everybody else (I mean,
>      most of you english-speaking people) may have some problems
>      with it; I think something like Pa-rah-lee-tee-tan  would be
>      better.i know it's not very important,however.. any
>      suggestion appreciated(David?) Filippo Calzolari

    Sorry if you guys don't like the name.  I was hoping people would
think it was cool. Regardless, though, it should be pronounced
Pah-RAL-i-Ti-tan.  The paral part should be pronounced as though one is
saying paralysis.


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