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Re: Response II

On Sun, Jun 03, 2001 at 04:50:40PM +0200, David Marjanovic scripsit:
> > Moreover, *T-rex* had extremely acute senses
> Hard to tell, but I don't think its senses were more acute than everything
> known today. I'd be very surprised if it had had more acute eyesight than
> the average eagle, for instance.

Larger eyes = better eyesight, no?

Tyrannosaurs had big eyes in absolute terms, larger than will fit in an
eagle head; it wouldn't surprise me if they had extremely accute vision.

Can't think of any blessed way to test this, or what the ability to see
that accutely would do for a huge carnivore.

Given the size of the nerves to the olfactory bulbs in the skull that
got CAT scanned, I'd say it's safe to say 'good sense of smell', too.

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