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Re: Paralititan pronunciation

Josh Smith said:

"Sorry if you guys don't like the name.  I was hoping people would
think it was cool. Regardless, though, it should be pronounced
Pah-RAL-i-Ti-tan.  The paral part should be pronounced as though one is
saying paralysis."

    Thanks, Josh, for this pronunciation tip.  As finder of this great beast
and primary author of the paper describing this important animal, you -- or
so it seems to me -- are the one to whom we must turn for the preferred name
pronunciation, regardless of how the ancient Greeks or, later, Romans, in
turn, might have pronounced, e.g.,  the "titan" part.  Pronunciation changes
with time and demographic distribution, even when primary meaning is
retained.  It is the meaning that is important here, and, IMHO, you and your
team have used it with descriptive beauty and even poetic power.

    While realizing that the name may not have been intended to be poetic, I
think the muse has endowed it with a 'poetic breath' evoking memories of
undulating thunder, and awakening visual images of the great sauropod
plodding across a tropical landscape, punctuated by mangrove clusters and an
occasional crocodile that does not 'smile' for fear of being stepped upon.

    Admittedly, that's a very personal and poetic or artistic type response,
but, damn, do I like that name!

    So, in short, AMEN!  (Amen! = So be it!)

    Ray Stanford