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Re: Paralititan pronunciation

>  regardless of how the ancient Greeks or, later, Romans, in
> turn, might have pronounced, e.g.,  the "titan" part.  Pronunciation
> with time and demographic distribution, [...]

...Latin and Ancient Greek are dead languages that don't change anymore...

However, I agree wholeheartedly with the following: :-)

>     While realizing that the name may not have been intended to be poetic,
> think the muse has endowed it with a 'poetic breath' evoking memories of
> undulating thunder, and awakening visual images of the great sauropod
> plodding across a tropical landscape, punctuated by mangrove clusters and
> occasional crocodile that does not 'smile' for fear of being stepped upon.
>     Admittedly, that's a very personal and poetic or artistic type
> but, damn, do I like that name!