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Re:Paralititan pronunciation

Josh Smith wrote:
<<Sorry if you guys don't like the name.  I was hoping people would
think it was cool. Regardless, though, it should be pronounced
Pah-RAL-i-Ti-tan. >>
Don't take it as personal, because I really have nothing to say about the name itself( I mean, its etimology[it's indeed cool from that point of view, but I don't think my opinion is that important]), but with the way it's spelled.
I've already said that if it isn't formed of non-latin/greek derived words, then i know how to pronunce it without needing someone to tell me how to do it; I just wanted to point out that the way it's spelled would make many other people pronounce it wrong(unless I have misinterpreted the spelling and  am reading it differently from how you'd like me to read it)
The way Mr. Lopes has spelled it (in particular Pah-rah-lee-tee-tun) sounds as the most appropriate. 
 For example, if the _i_ (the one between -ral- and -ti- ) is pronounced the same way it's pronounced when you read _your_ alphabet, then it's surely wrong written as such.
If I try to read the name Paralititan as you've spelled it, a completely different name comes out.
Again, I like the name, how it sounds(to me) and its meaning.
Filippo Calzolari