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Re: Paralititan pronunciation

In a message dated 6/3/01 8:17:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
smithjb@sas.upenn.edu writes:

   Sorry if you guys don't like the name.  I was hoping people would
think it was cool. Regardless, though, it should be pronounced
Pah-RAL-i-Ti-tan.  The paral part should be pronounced as though one is
saying paralysis.

And I take it the vowel/diphthong in "titan" is like in "I" (the pronoun) or
"eye" (that is, the diphthong that would be spelled "ai" or "ay" if English
had any kind of normal Latinate spelling system)?

Oh, and Ray, was that an AH-men or an AY-men? :-)

--Nick P.