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Whats a name for?


Josh Smith wrote:

<<Sorry if you guys don't like the name.  I was hoping people would
think it was cool. Regardless, though, it should be pronounced
Pah-RAL-i-Ti-tan. >>


Hey Josh, don’t apologize I like the name. The more you say it the easier it becomes. I personally would rather have a name that has some meaning then not, and Paralititan has it.


I wish people would stop complaining about ‘sauros’ or ‘raptor’. When you guys describe animals you can name it what ever you like. TC (lets see if anyone can figure out what that means :>), live with it.


Jim Kirkland and I have redescribed the Ankylosaurid from San Diego and I know many of you will not like the name (can’t give it until the Thyrophean volume comes out). But it has meaning and I like that. Same with Glyptodontopelta mimus (yea, I know just about everyone out there thinks I’ve lost it naming on just ankylosaur armor, but it’s what I believe in), “glyptodon armor mimic”.


So, just live with the names.


Tracy L. Ford

P. O. Box 1171

Poway Ca  92074