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Re: Whats a name for?

Personaly, I agree with the name _Paralititan_: a huge sauropod fossilized
in the seaside...
It seems very logical to me.
                Luc J. "Aspidel" BAILLY aspidel@infonie.be

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Subject: Re: Whats a name for?

> Tracy Ford (and his new email, dino.hunter@home.com) wrote:
> <I wish people would stop complaining about 'sauros' or
> 'raptor'. When you guys describe animals you can name it what
> ever you like. TC (lets see if anyone can figure out what that
> means :>), live with it.>
>   Some people deal with the aesthetics of the name. Personally,
> I could do without -saurus, and even some could do withoiut
> -raptor. <shrug> I personally feel that if used constructively,
> the name is okay, now matter the root. Tracy talks about
> *Glyptodontopelta* (I actually like the name) but I feel that
> the basis (armor) is pretty well established by Tracy as being
> diagnostic. Certainly a lot of time has been put into this. I
> note that teeth can be a lot less diagnostic than dermal armor.
>   Names are up to the author. If they want to name it anything
> they want, then fine. If they choose the pronounciation to be
> whatever, then that, too, is fine. It's their perogitive. So
> Smith et al. have every right to pronounce it as it is ascribed
> in the paper (please note, folks, the pronounciation is given in
> the paper, as are the names of several recent Malagasy
> dinosaurs) so pronounciation is given to the authors, who named
> it. Even if it breaks a few rules, and I'm not saying it does,
> the name is established, was chosen carefully, as I'm sure Ken
> and Tracy's new name, as are other names. Even the "joke" names,
> like *Hymenosaurus clarki* (of course, *Hymenosaurus
> clarkforsterorum* would have been a little more appropriate :)
> -- a lizard from the mid-Late K of Mongolia) have been carefully
> picked.
>   Anyways, I promised Tracy I'd do a write-up on his ankylosaur
> armor paper, so....
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