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Re:Paralititan pronunciation

NJPharris@aol.com wrote:
<<And I take it the vowel/diphthong in "titan" is like in "I" (the pronoun) or
"eye" (that is, the diphthong that would be spelled "ai" or "ay" if English
had any kind of normal Latinate spelling system)? >>
I don't think it really was in the authors' intention, since it's the way english-speaking people pronounce the word titan, not the way it should be pronounced if it was considered as belonging to the original "dead" language.
this is exactly on of the things I was talking about....
and Jaime Headden wrote:
Smith et al. have every right to pronounce it as it is ascribed
in the paper >>sure, as everybody has the right to do something wrong as far as it isn't a problem for others...
if you want to use name without having to spell it letter by letter because it's not easy to pronounce, then use your language;it will be easier, and the rest of the planet, already speaking english in some way, will adapt and use it(i'm not being ironical).
Filippo Calzolari
HP David is right, latin has undergone several changes;