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Re: Paralititan pronunciation

Jamie A. Headden wrote:

>>Recently, the new carnotaurine *Ilokelesia* has been described
and joins the ranks of other native names like *Megaraptor
mamunquaihuii* (species name here), Brazilian pterosaurs like
*Anhanguera*, *Tupuxuara*, *Tapejara*, etc. Other names, like
*Einiosaurus*, require knowing Blackfoot pronounciation.
*Phuwiangosaurus* is an odd name in Thai, but as any Japanese or
Chinese linguist will tell you, it's not a simple matter to
pronounce *Fukuiraptor* or *Tsintaosaurus*....<<

Don't forget *Nqwebasaurus thwazi* from the Xhosa . . .

Caitlin R. Kiernan