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Re: Response II and Roman emperors

> >Before something like 400 or 500 AD, all c's,
> including those
> >before e and i, were pronounced as k. Caesar had
> the same first syllable as
> >Kylie... (German Kaiser is directly from there.)

> Very interesting.

And pronounced the same as Kaiser - one of my
lecturers in Ancient History at UWA all those years
ago also taught Latin and pronounced it like that.
Also Princeps as prinkeps, not prinseps.

> I wonder if this corresponds to the demise of the
> Roman Empire in the 
> Latin-speaking West at the end of the 5th century,
> and its survival in the 
> Greek-speaking East (centered on Constantinople) for
> several centuries 
> after.

I remember seeing an icon of a Byzantine Emperor that
had the legend in Greek (if I can remember how to
spell it correctly) "Basileus Romanoi" - King of the


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