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Re: Paralititan pronunciation

Jamie A. Headden wrote:

>>Recently, the new carnotaurine *Ilokelesia* has been described
and joins the ranks of other native names like *Megaraptor
mamunquaihuii* (species name here)
*M. namunhuaiquii*. Keeping in mind that the orthography is Spanish, the pronunciation is probably nah-moon-wye-kee-ee, but I don't know where to put the stress and of course the original language.
Brazilian pterosaurs like
ah-nyahng-GHEH-rah? eh like in bed?
*Tupuxuara*, *Tapejara*,
What is x pronounced in Portuguese? (j is AFAIK like in French)
but as any Japanese or
Chinese linguist will tell you, it's not a simple matter to
pronounce *Fukuiraptor*
There has been a long thread on that one. Is relatively simple.
or *Tsintaosaurus*....<<
This becomes a bit simpler if one knows that the city is now spelled Qingdao. As soon as one knows that these are 2 syllables _and manages to pronounce the q_ (I think I can do it, but I can't possibly explain it in writing)... and knows the tones...