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Ilokelesia, a Carnotaurine?

  Sorry, everybody .. an inadverdent slip of the keys provoked
this statement, so I guess I have to elaborate.

Coria, R. A. & Salgado, L., 2000. "A basal Abelisauria Novas
1992 (Theropoda-Ceratosauria) from the Cretaceous of Patagonia,
Argentina," in B. P. Perez-Moreno, T. R. Holtz, Jr., J. L. Sanz
& J. Moratalla, eds., Aspects of Theropoda Paleobiology, Gaia
15: 89-102 [cover dated December 1998 but published in the
autumn of 2000; 403 pp.].

  Coria and Salgado described what they feel is an ideterminate
abelisaur. From the material that has been figured, and that
Mickey Mortimer kindly showed me, the material most definitely
belongs to a carnotaurine, including the following features:
enlarged cervical epipophyeses, distally expanded transverse
processes of the caudals, extreme inclination of the neural
table in the cervicals to the dorsal centrum margin, dorsal
lachrymal process (as in the tab that sits behind the frontal

  In a cladistic analysis, I ran Sereno's 1999 matrix including
*Ilokelesia* and a few other taxa to determine their position to
one another as ceratosaurs. While the full analysis (in prep) is
going to more than double the characters and taxa, one character
(double lachrymonasal crests) has been added to the preliminary
(taxa only added) matrix, to result in Ilokelesia, in nearly all
MPT's, to fall out as a carnotaurine outside of *Majungatholus*
+ *Carnotaurus*.

  So, that's my logic...

Jaime A. Headden

  Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Pampas!!!!

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