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Re: Breviparopus

> However, I did turn up one oddity:
> http://members.tripod.co.jp/big_game/sauropod/biggest.html
> Maybe someone who understands the language this page is written in (my
> browser displays it with the wrong font, and the HTML doesn't seem to
> specify a language or encoding) could explain the second picture on
> the page!

Though I don't understand it, it displays on my screen as Japanese, and the
vertebrae are apparently of the mentioned *Argentinosaurus huinculensis*.
*Breviparopus taghbaloutensis* is said to consist of 115 cm long footprints
that indicate a sauropod 48 m in length and 50 t in weight (means, the
numbers and letters are mentioned in the text...). The largest estimates for
*Seismosaurus* length are 52 m.

Does it say anywhere how tall the... ~girls~ are that are copied in like if
for scale? ~:-|

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