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Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park

Just a quick note to mention that this month's issue of Natural History
(June) has an interesting article on the Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park
in central Nevada:

Orndorff, R.L., R. W. Weider and H. F. Filkorn. 2001. How the West was
swum. Natural History 110(5):22-24.

The article contains some nice artwork by Doug Henderson.  One mistake I
noted was the caption at the bottom of page 24 that identifies a nicely
preserved (3-D) ichthyosaur skull in the shelter as that of Shonisaurus
... it is not.

.... and imagine my surprise at seeing the article today after just
visiting the Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park last Friday!!!!....

Anyway, while this ancient ocean didn't cover Kansas, and there were
darn few ichthyosaurs swimming over what would become Kansas during the
late Cretaceous, I thought these marine reptiles were worthy of a
webpage....... so if you are still interested, you can see a lot more of
these ichthyosaurs (_Shonisaurus popularis_) there than any place else
on the web......

< http://www.oceansofkansas.com/ichthyosaur.html > 

As usual, comments / corrections appreciated,


Mike Everhart
Adjunct Curator of Paleontology
Sternberg Museum of Natural History
Fort Hays State University, Hays, KS