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Re: Paralititan pronunciation or ... GHOTIUGH, the Fish

On Mon, Jun 04, 2001 at 07:34:41PM -0300, João S. Lopes Filho scripsit:
> After all these discussion about pronunciation, phonetics and
> Antiquity, we can conclude that the pronunciation of Paralititan is
> not difficult. The pronunciation in English is what is actually very
> difficult, because English writing is so far from a phonetic writing.
> Remember Bernard Shaw's "GHOTIUGH".

I have no language other than English, and my first guess as
pronunciation turns out to have been correct.  I really don't think it's
at all difficult as a name; unusual, yes, and I had no idea what it
meant, but it isn't in any way difficult to *say*.

I am very interested in a big sauropod that lives in a mangrove swamp,
though -- do the excavators think it lived there, or died there?

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