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Re: Paralititan habitat

David Marjanovic wrote:

> > There is some very interesting implications. Large sauropods, theropods
> > walking around the swamp, avoiding the giant croc's and giant coelacanths
> > swimming about (also sharks etc.).
> Giant coelacanths? How big were they?

As far as we can tell from the literature and our own collecting, _Mawsonia_
measured about 3 meters long.  Man, you don't wanna get in front of that one.

> > I was talking to some fossil dealers
> > about the area that the Morocco material is coming from and they think
> that
> > that area was also a mangrove swamp. Could all of northern African coast
> > been a swamp?
> Speaking from no evidence -- why not? Today* mangrove swamps have similarly
> huge distributions.
> *Yesterday. Today much mangrove swamp area has been destroyed for shrimp
> aquafarming.

It seems a likely hypothesis that perhaps a good deal of what would become the
North African coast might have been low energy mangrove sorts of environments
in the Cenomanian.

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