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Paralitian Environments

Greetings to all.  First time on the list serve. I thought since I have been forwarded many questions about Paralititan's environment, that I would answer directly.
Yes, it is quite possible that the mangrove environment was very extensive in the early Late Cretaceous.  Much coastal area was within the tropics at the time and epeiric seas would have provided much wave-sheltered paralic and littoral area.  These are the two requirements of mangrove colonization.
Pre-Cenozoic mangroves, however, are extremely poorly understood. Our work really includes the best evidence, to date, of an early Late Cretaceous mangrove. Much more work needs to be done globally to document the character and distribution of this biome.
For those that are interested, published abstracts regarding this topic are available at: www.egyptdinos.org
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