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RE: Paralititan (mangrove swamps)

Per Josh

>>If the predators chased animals into the mangrove forest, then we are
about them moving potentially hundreds of meters out into the mangle/channel
areas.  If this is a strategy, then the animals are part of the ecosystem,
if they spend some of their time in "upland" areas.  However, taking the
analog to the extreme, we can postulate that the shore gradient was very
shallow in Baharîya as it is in the modern mangroves that I am familiar with
(Florida and Puerto Rico), then the Baharîya coastline wouldn't have changed
much until probably a dozen or more kilometers from the intertidal area.  It
much easier to envision this putative ecosystem, I think, if you are
with these sorts of environments in the modern realm.  Inland from the
coast, I
suspect we would have moved into a more traditional coastal forest.
regardless of how much time these beasts spent "inland" versus in the
mangroves, I think it is extremely interesting that something was drawing
there.  I could care less if any given individual went to the actual mangles
once in a year, I still think it is bloody cool.<<

I think it's really cool. It's not like putting them back into a lake but
gives the animal an environment that we can sink our teeth into as an idea
that's been around for hundreds of years.

As per Ken

>>I'm just not convinced Paralititans were actually attracted to
mangroves, and may have even avoided them if they sensed it made them more
vulnerable to predation.  And the theropods may have only gone there if some
Paralititan (or other prey) didn't sense the potential danger.  My
suggestion that theropods may have actually chased Paralititans into such
situations (as a hunting "strategy") is perhaps wishful thinking, but who
knows.  Just don't want to assume that they necessarily lived in the
mangrove areas on a regular basis (unless there is convincing evidence that
they did).<<

I disagree. As Josh as said there would have been hundreds of kilometers of
Mangrove swamp land. Something had to live in it and we know that theropods
were running around in it. Possible ankylosaurids (still looking into that,
the evidence isn't totally convincing, hope it is), several crocodiles (big
and small), pterosaurs flying overhead. What a neat image it conjures up!

Tracy L. Ford
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