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A question about Titanosaurs

Greetings once again to everybody on the DML.  This question will sound familiar, given that my last question asked the same thing about a different group of dinosaurs.  The question is, Is there any evidence that suggests seperating the Titanosaurs into different clades based on geography?  Are there enough differences between the Titanosaurs of Europe and Africa to warrant that sort of distinction from the titanosaurs of India, Madagascar, South America, and North America?  I have seen an a couple reconstructions of Cretaceous Gondwanaland that suggest that Africa had become an independent unit from the rest of the southern landmass (South America, Antarctica, Madagascar, India, and Australia) and that could lead to two seperate subgroups within the Titanosaurs.  An article on this subject in a National Geographic (August 2000 edition) has a few small diagrams and suggests that the Titanosaurs of madagascar have greater affinity to their k! ! ! in in South America than to the Titanosaurs of Africa.
Thanks in advance to anybody who can help me clear this up.

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