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Re: Paralititan (mangrove swamps)

Silvio Renesto wrote:

> Dear listmembers,
>         several messages talk about mangrove habitats for Paralititan and 
> other
> North African theropods: are they meaning "mangrove-like"?
> May have been some Mesozoic conyphers adapted to brackish environments
> like, just to say one,  Brachyphyllum?
> I have been said that true mangroves appeared later. Apologies if it has
> been explained in some message I have incidentally lost.
> Regards,
>                                 Silvio Renesto
> -

What exactly is a "True" mangrove?  A mangrove is an environment (an intertidal
forest), not a particular plant species or even group of species.  Mangroves
developed in the Carboniferous Period.

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