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Re: paralitita, mangroves and language

Actually, it is used in both contexts, at times, typically with a prefix of 
some sort, to refer to specific plants but also like the term reef as a general 
environment indicator with lots of different taxa doing the same ecological job 
- ecological correlates - in that odd habitat. Before mangroves as we think of 
them, these same environments in the Paleozoic often had very interesting 
invertebrate faunas including eurypterids and protohorseshoe crabs. Really cool 
area of study, even if dinosaurs only infrequently come up.


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>>> Silvio Renesto <renesto@mailserver.unimi.it> 06/06/01 10:11AM >>>

I have been advised either privately and on the list that  mangrove is used
indicating an environment not a plant. Again, sorry for this ...

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