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RE: Coelurus a maniraptoran (for how long?)

<<Well, according to Makovicky and grellet-Tinner, 2000, they have
eggshells with Deinonychus.

Makovicky, P. J., andGrellet-Tinner, G., 2000, Association between theropod
eggshell and a specimen of Deinonychus antirrhopus: First International
Symposium on Dinosaur eggs and babies/extended abstracts, 123-128.

Basically they state that the many remains of eggshells found near AMNH 3015
(a partial Deinonychus skeleton) shows that these are eggshells from a
theropod and not an ornithischian.>>

When it comes to eggshell, there is a big difference between association,
and having skeletal material on top of an articulated nest.  Heck, for 65
years, eggshell was being found in association with Protoceratops, but I
think it's been pretty conclusively proven that the nests were those of
Oviraptor.  Then there is the case of the "Orodromeus" nests Horner found,
which turned out to be those of Troodon.  One must be quite careful when
assigning eggshell to a certain dinosaur.

Randall Irmis