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Re: Coelurus a maniraptoran (for how long?)

>       If you are going to code for ornithoid vs. non-ornithoid egg shells,
> you will need to code Therizinosaurs (segnosaurs) as non-ornithoid.

Depends on whether Dendroolithidae or some Elongatoolithidae
(*Macroolithus*, whatever) are segnosaur eggs (both have been suggested). If
the former are, then it's difficult to put them inside Coelurosauria,
IMHO... dendroolithid eggshell is dinosauroid-spherulitic, like that of
sauropod and hadrosaur eggs, apparently it's the plesiomorphy.

Kenneth Carpenter: Eggs, Nests, and Baby Dinosaurs. A Look at Dinosaur
shows, on p. 186, a tooth from an embryo that lies in a dendroolithid egg.
The tooth looks a lot like those of *Beipiaosaurus*... do any ornithischian
teeth look similar?

> And
> more importantly, ornithoid eggshells have also been found for
> Dromaeosauridae (Deinonychus),

Unless a dromaeosaurid embryo is found in an ornithoid egg, and/or a
dromaeosaurid is found brooding ornithoid eggs, I won't accept this as
positive evidence.

>       On a more humorous note, having Dromaeosauridae, Rahonavis, and
> Archaeopteryx, all jumping backwards so many nodes over the heads of the
> already dizzy ornithomimids, may drive them totally nuts or to finally
> demand [...]

Their problem. Their problem only... B-)