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Re: Laws on fossil collecting

> Reports I read on _Scipionyx_ stated that an amateur fossil collector from
> Italy had dug up _Scipionyx_, but thought it was "just a fossil bird" (!)
> he left it in a shoe box in his basement for 10 years until he saw
> Park" and it occurred to him that he might have a dinosaur in that box.
> Unless these reports were in error, I see this as being quite different
from a
> drawer in "a government institution."  In other words, for all those years
> that the specimen was unavailable for scientific study it was in private
> hands, NOT a public research collection.

Sure there are cases where both public and private collections shelve
fossils, but at least this fossil was collected. So rather than criticize,
why not educate? (I mean this generally--I don't want to see this thread go
off-topic.) The idea of cataloging fossil collecting laws is a great one--it
would help all collectors to collect more responsibly.

I will go a step further and suggest that there should be a comprehensive
source for not only how to collect legally, but how to collect properly,
scientifically speaking. Perhaps the list could post this information in a

Dave Board


> Correct me if I am mistaken.
> -- Ralph W. Miller III   ralph.miller@alumni.usc.edu