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Re: Phytodinosauria status

Jaime A. Headden wrote-

>   Prosauropoda probably is paraphyletic, and includes about
> three distinct groups: Plateosauria, which is monophyletic and
> is strictly defined; *Thecodontosaurus*, which is possibly the
> most basal member of Sauropodomorpha; and anchisaurs, which are
> between thecodontosaurs and plateosaurs + sauropods. The more
> basal forms *Saturnalia* and *Guaibasaurus* seem to show a
> radiation of an as yet even more basal
> sauropodomorphan/saurischian, and a truly basal saurischian
> which seems to be more primitive than herrerasaurus _and_
> "prosauropods".

Guibasaurus was recently found by Langer (at the 2000 SVPCA) to be the
sister group of neotheropods.  Also, not all prosauropod analyses support a
monophyletic Plateosauria that does not include sauropods, although the work
is unpublished so I cannot say more.

Mickey Mortimer