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Re: Phytodinosauria status

George Olshevsky wrote-

> Just a little nudging of
> the cladogram would move Ornithischia into Saurischia as prosauropod
> descendants (Prosauropoda is a paraphyletic group, I think, and may number
> both ornithischians and herrerasaurians among its Late Triassic
> closely related to Massospondylidae--which makes a great deal more sense
> me than leaving ornithischians to evolve a lot of dinosaurian features on
> their own, independently of "saurischians."

You're aware that Gow et al. (1990) proved Massospondylus lacked a horny
beak, so this character cannot be used to unite the taxon with Ornithischia?
Also, I see no reason ornithischians would have to evolve dinosaurian
characters independently of saurichians, as the near-universal consensus is
that Dinosauria is monophyletic and the two are sister groups.

Mickey Mortimer