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Re: Kinetic skulls

--- Mickey_Mortimer <Mickey_Mortimer11@email.msn.com>
> I'm fairly certain no other non-avian
> theropods have been found with prokinetic skulls.
> Mickey Mortimer

I believe I once read that Coelophysoids have such a
weak maxillary-premaxillary articulation that it
allowed for some degree of movement, whereas in the
Spinosauridae an extended plate-shaped anteromedial
process unites them firmly. Technically then, couldn't
this be a different form of prokinesis, or is there
another term for it? Which reminds me; the Spinosauria
also have secondary palates, though due to lateral
compression of the skull. BTW, I don't think all
coelurosaurs have well developed secondary palates
because my reconstruction of the Deinonychus skull
shows 2 very large anterior palatal vacuities (which I
think Ruben misinterpreted as choanae and used them as
evidence for a varanid-like respiratory tract in
Dromaeosaurids?). Get back to me on this....I'd like
to know if secondary palates could be phylogenetically
useful characteristics. Thanx! TTYL


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