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Re: My 1st Dinosaur classification

On Thu, 7 Jun 2001, Ken Kinman wrote:

> Dear All,
>      I'm probably rushing this, but have non-dinosaur things needing more
> attention.  I'm no longer going to even try keeping saurischiforms and
> ornithischiforms as sister groups (where the later split off is obviously
> not going to be settled in the near future).
>      I had already been including Pseudolagosuchus as saurischiforms, and
> there is no longer any good reason to exclude Lagerpetonidae and
> Lagosuchidae as "non-dinosaur dinosauromorphs".  My Order Saurischiformes
> will be coded as paraphyletic with respect to Ornithischiformes, and if a
> phytodinosauria clade does exist, I can easily code for that.  But for now I
> will be conservative and keep coding it as if the cladistic saurischians are
> sister group to Order Ornithischiformes.
>      In the coelurosaur clade, note that I have removed Family Coeluridae
> (sensu stricto) from the paraphyletic Family Ornitholestidae (as I had done
> previously), just in case Holtz' most recent cladograms are correct.   Also
> moved Troodontidae up to see if I like a bullatosauria clade or not (I'm as
> unsure about troodonts as anyone else; those T.'s really are a pain in the
> cladogram).
> -------------------------------------------------------
>       1  Lagerpetonidae
>       2  Lagosuchidae
>       3  Plesion _Pseudolagosuchus_
>       4  {{Ornithischiformes}}***(note below)
>       5  Massospondylidae
>      6A  Plateosauridae
>       B  Barapasauridae
>       C  Euhelopodidae
>       D  Diplodocidae
>       E  Camarasauridae
>       F  Brachiosauridae
>       G  Titanosauridae
>       7  Plesion _Eoraptor_
>       8  Herrerasauridae
>       9  Guaibasauridae
>      10  Coelophysidae
>       B  Ceratosauridae
>      _a_ Abelisauridae
>      11  Spinosauridae
>      12  Torvosauridae
>      13  Allosauridae
>      14  Ornitholestidae
>       ?  Tyrannosauridae
>       ?  Coeluridae (sensu stricto)
>      _1_ Ornithomimidae
>       ?  Troodontidae
>       2  Therizinosauridae
>       3  Caudipteridae
>      _a_ Oviraptoridae
>       4  Alvarezsauridae
>       5  Dromaeosauridae
>       6  Plesion _Rahonavis_
>       7  {{AVES}}

Let's see what this looks like as a cladogram. (I hope I interpret it

            |  `--+--Plateosauridae
            |     `--+--Barapasauridae
            |        `--+--Euhelopodidae
            |           `--+--Diplodocidae
            |              `--+--Camarasauridae
            |                 `--+--Brachiosauridae
            |                    `--Titanosauridae
                        |  `--+--Ceratosauridae
                        |     `--Abelisauridae
                                                |  `--Oviraptoridae
(*I thought you spelled it "Avea"?)

If you can confirm that this is correct, I'd like to comment further. I
have a feeling I misinterpreted some things -- many of those groups are
probably paraphyletic, and I've never seen those placements of
_Therizinosauroidea_ (==Therizinosauridae _sensu_ Kinman) and
_Troodontidae_, nor _Spinosauridae_ and _Torvosauridae_ in that
configuration. (Also, whatever happened to Cetiosauridae an
Thecodontosauridae? And what are the reasons for preserving tiny families
like Herrerasauridae, Guaibasauruidae, Lagosuchidae, etc. while lumping
several "families" into Diplodocidae, Titanosauridae, Allosauridae,
Abelisauridae, etc.?)

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