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Re: Stomatosuchus

Chris Collinson wrote:

> Josh,
>      First I'd like to say that its so cool that some one has finally
> returned to Egypt to recover Stromer's dinosaurs, and congratulate you, and
> your team, on the spectacular finds of Paralititan, and Cretaceous
> mangroves. I can not decide which is more spectacular!
> Second, one of the abstracts mentioned crocodilian material being found. I
> was wondering if any of that material is referable to Stomatosuchus? As you
> probably know it was part of Stromer's Egypt collection and destroyed right
> along with it. If yes, any thing of substantial scientific importance,
> ...like a skull?
> Chris.

Thanks.  We are sorting through the croc material now (much of it has yet to
be examined or even prepared in some cases--Paralititan really took most of
our energy over the last 10 months or so).  All I can really say right now is
that we have some pretty interesting pieces (interesting enough to cause Hans
Sues's pulse to quicken) and that hopefully we will know more soon...


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