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Re: Laws on fossil collecting

    Regarding this subject, I have replied to others off-line but since the
issue seems to intrigue some, I want you to know that I am presently working
on a review of laws both nationally and internationally on this subject.
There are a multitude of issues just in the various private, local, state
and federal regulations regarding fossil collecting (i.e., remember the
"Sue" debacle?), as well as national concerns just in the U.S..  Most
countries, as previously noted, have some laws on archeological collecting
in response to past wholesale tomb stripping, but little on fossils.  Some
treat fossils, wrongly perhaps, as archeological artifacts, others treat
fossils as natural resources, which makes more sense.  Some are arbitrary,
some not.
    Although this has been a private project and endeavor on my part, I
would welcome to opportunity to aid in a "Fossil-collecting laws/regulatory
clearing house" in any way that I can.  I have had field experience over the
past few years primarily in the U.S.  We do need to....  first: know the
laws, and second: know what to do to comply in action and on paper.
    For large-scale operations, what kind of contracts do we need to collect
to avoid problems down the road?  I have some answers, but more questions.
There are some standards, but they need sharing.  For amateur or small-scale
collecting there are other issues.  Please feel free to contact me on or
off-list and I will be happy to discuss and aid in this project.  Let me
know of your own experiences on all levels of governmental or private
involvement and whether you used written or verbal contracts.

Patricia Kane-Vanni, Esq.
(h)610-667-4593, (o)215-898-8784
pkv1@erols.com  or  pkvanni@sas.upenn.edu

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> Subject: RE: Laws on fossil collecting
> Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 09:59:57 +0200
> Hi,
> > The real point is that some countries are so strict that amateurs
> > can't and don't collect. This is a loss for everyone since public
> > and private collections alike receive specimens from
> > amateurs. Fossils won't make it to the "dark drawers" of public
> > institutions unless they are collected. And many important specimens
> > are collected by amateurs.
> Actually i don't even know what are the laws in my country (France)
> about fossils collecting.  Moreover, i'm not really sure about what i
> would have to do if ever i would find something looking interesting.
> I agree with the point that educating people about collecting is
> important.  Maybe gathering and putting online some information about
> the laws in the different countries and about what to do and how to do
> it may be helpfull.
> > I'd like to second the motion for a web site cataloging laws on
> > collecting.  (If it would help, I happily offer my web design
> > skills.) Responsible collecting should be taught and encouraged.
> I'd like to support this motion, if you need any help to build or to
> host the site you can count me in.
> William Bonnet
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