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Re: Kinetic skulls & Palates

> following distribution-
> 0- Coelophysidae, Dilophosaurus, Ceratosaurus,
> Abelisaurus, Carnotaurus,
> Megalosaurus, Torvosaurus, Megalosaurus? hesperis,
> Afrovenator,
> Eustreptospondylus, Piatnitzkysaurus,
> Monolophosaurus, Sinraptor,
> Carcharodontosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Neovenator,
> Allosaurus, Dryptosaurus,
> Compsognathidae, Ornitholestes, Proceratosaurus,
> Archaeopteryx
This reminds me....I've seen pics of the medial
maxilla in Giganotosaurus, and there seems to be
little or no evidence of a palatal shelf. One
synapomorphy of Abelisauridae is "reduced or absent
palatal process of premaxilla" so could this be yet
another feature the 2 have in common? 


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