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RE: Mononykine Fingers

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Subject: Mononykine Fingers

  Interesting consideration of the fingers of mononykines, that
George brings up.

  There are, on the metacarpal of the type of *Mononykus*, two
small tiny processes with ball-shaped distal ends that suggest
there were digits present, as in *Compsognathus* (I for one
propose, as does Paul, that there was a functional digit present
on the third metacarpal). Thus, outer digits are further
selected against to favor the innermost.<<

>From what I understand, Mononykus does have three fingers, digits II and II
are very very small.

>  As for function, it has been proposed informally and once
formally by our own HP Hartman at the last SVP that the manus
and arm of mononykines is adapted to digging, amazingly enough;
personal comparison to the golden mole *Amblysoma* has made this
similarity so determinably strong as to say that whatever the
rest of the body was doing, that animal was digging at things
with the arms!<

I wasn't sure I believed this, but after talking to the author at the SVP, I
think it does have merit.

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